All information posted on this site is PUBLICLY AVAILABLE information found online starting with only knowing a first and last name. Which is actually less than you'll have to go by if you try finding out about someone from World of Warcraft, since in-game you may have met them before any know information such as what state they live in, and the FULL NAMES of ALL of their realID friends.

Blogger.com policy on personal information:
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NONE OF THESE POSTS ARE THREATS. I've seen people at 4chan and other places saying this site is filled with thinly veiled threats. It's not. I do not wish to see any harm or harassment come to ANYONE listed here, even Bobby. This is purely to say: Hey, this guy (who can afford to pay professionals to keep his personal information private) says that we have nothing to worry about with people knowing our real names. Well, here's what is available on him even after a good internet scrubbing. Here's what's available on just a couple of his employees. There are people out there in much worse situations (witness protection, former abusive relationships, BEING FEMALE ON WORLD OF WARCRAFT, people who don't want to risk losing a job because it's public that they play WoW, etc) that would be utterly fucked if there was a slip-up and their names were revealed. I don't even care if it's the person's fault or if they have an option. Everyone makes mistakes.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Michael Samuel Morhaime

Another quickie, just took about 15 minutes. Laying off the addresses and phone numbers because you can just look those up on pipl.com, 123people.com, or spend a couple minutes on Google to find them elsewhere.

Can you believe that Mike posted that message about real ID in the WoW forums while on his honeymoon in Hawaii? That's some dedication.

Check out the adventures of Michael Morhaime and Amy Chen and their wedding page. Lee must have recommended it to him, same website he used for his wedding.

Mike is a member of University Synagogue

And, well, I was just gonna list his immediate family members but here's his entire family tree. His sister Juliet actually prefers to go by Julia and is now a Goldberg rather than a Morhaime.

Just curious, can anyone smarter than me recognize if these are the two documents in which Mike sold his soul to Activision? Before he did that, he was already making over a million a year, I don't know why someone with that kind of money would sacrifice their baby for a little bit more.

From Wikipedia:
Granada Hills High School (1985)
Triangle Fraternity at UCLA (BS in EE, 1990)

His new wife Amy Chen has an extremely common name, but I'm guessing she's the dentist who went to UC Berkley. Even if that's wrong, you can still narrow down her home address and phone number to 2, maybe 3 results.

Friday, July 9, 2010

We won but we're not finished yet

I actually originally planned on putting this site together simply because of the ability for friends of friends to see your full name and online status. The recent forum name thing is just what kicked my ass into actually doing it. Thus, this site will be staying put for now and will occasionally be updated until there is some sort of real id privacy control.

The ONLY thing I'm asking for is a simple checkbox for "share my full name with friends of friends". Maybe an option for "Hide my online status" so you can log on a game without all of your friends seeing you. I don't see why I should have far LESS privacy in an online video game (that shouldn't even be connected to my real life) than I do in real life. The issues are still very real, and Blizzard is eliminating entire classes of people from a soon-to-be-major component of the game.

By the way, that is something that should take extremely minimal developer time. The only reason it's not that way is because, like the forum name debacle, Blizzard is intentionally trying to push something for some unknown reason.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Greg Canessa

This is just a quick one, I don't have much time right now. This guy seems to be quite important in the policy making process at Activision. It's funny how careful these big guys are, but their wives just can't keep as private.

Gregory Joseph Canessa
Age 38
Oakland CA Bishop O'Dowd Catholic High School, 1989

Wife: Heather Canessa (nee Enfield), married on 08/30/2008
her blog: http://pantstootight.blogspot.com/
Aww, she can't afford a four-day-a-week personal trainer with the recession... I guess that's what prompted these changes at Activision.
Hometown: Kaysville, Utah

They lived in Seattle (of course) when he worked for Microsoft, but now he's living in Laguna Beach, California to work with Blizzard.

Some of his relatives:
Consuelo F Canessa, mother? grandmother? Birth: 10 Oct 1913, California, Death: 4 Oct 2006

Mark Anthony Canessa and Bonnie L Canessa

Stephanie Renee Canessa (nee Brusiee)... his sister-in-law maybe?
She's a state farm agent

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Micah Whipple

I had posted here information someone else dug up after Micah Whipple, Blizzard Employee, posted his real name in the epic-length RealID announcement thread on the WoW Forums.

Apparently that information was not the correct Micah Whipple, but I'll leave this message here instead.

Say you piss off some psycho on SC2 and they decide to pay you a visit. They're dumb enough to stalk someone because of a game of starcraft, you think they care if they've killed the right Micah Whipple's dog?